About Us

EMERALD was established in 1986 by an Indian Business man (J.K) residing in Dubai, U.A.E & a consortium of expert engineers from Japan, Korea, Taiwan & China in order to develop a family of high quality and modern appliances for the world markets.

Emerald products have a reputation for quality based on standards which cover the making of a product from its initial design via all manufacturing stages through to customer service. Both in their technological features and in production technology, Emerald products aim at the highest vision.

Emerald represents a family of over 100 superior home appliances with competitive pricing; products that offer exclusive performances as a result of their incorporating the latest technological advances. With over 40 Years of experience of the market back the performance of Emerald products which have always stood out for their quality, technology, design and competitively.

Emerald appliances not only comply with the most demanding international safety standards ( GS, CE & EMC Approved ), but also combine their traditional quality with an advanced design placed at the service of functionality in order to make day-to-day tasks easier.

With good quality concept, competitive pricing and on-time deliveries, we have built good relationships with many different clients all over the world. Our special R&D team is constantly working to create new products to introduce them in the world's market.